ON THE MOOR……just a short walk


The weather was better than forecast, blue skies and sunshine…but misty and cold. So we headed odd early to Stanton Moor for one of our favourite walks.

When time is limited it is a great location, not that far to travel and once there you feel on top of the world and this morning with the warm dawn light and the air so fresh….it made a perfect start to the day.

Bleak as the moor can be Skylarks were hovering and singing above, the Bilberry were starting to throw out new green shoots whilst on a lone Oak the leaves had started to burst.













There are views all round the moor and the Ordnance Survey Trig Point is the spot to head for..



On the Edges of the Moor are a number of ‘special’ stones.  This one is known as Cat Stone and has the initials E.I.N. and the year 1831 carved on its face.  Not sure why or who this stone refers to but we will find out in due course.

In earlier post I have told of the neo/megalithic Stone Circles and Cairns on the Moor.  It is for many a very special and mystical place. 

One very special place we refer to as the ‘Humming Place’……it is located at the western corner of the Moor in a coppice of Silver Birch.  To-day it was empty for 9 time out of 10 there is usually a lady sat on one of the stumps, hands upturned, palms open and eyes shut she hums in meditation.  We never disturb her and walk respectfully by at a good distance. 

The spot was ‘vacant’ this morning so  Jean and the dogs couldn’t resist seeing if the magic of this spot would work for them…..


An ideal spot to stop and think and enjoy the sounds, sights and smells of the Moor…..with or without magic.


12 thoughts on “ON THE MOOR……just a short walk

  1. The views is great. I have always wanted to see more of the moors as they are often portrayed in great classic stories. Good that you have a walking partner…makes the view so much better!

  2. Seems that it was amazing day… Colours, weather, they seem all so beautiful… I can dream how nice to breathe in there… Thank you dear David, have a nice new week, with my love, nia

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