A Dark and Damp Day …….in Cumbria


As anticipated the rains arrived overnight and left behind a damp and very dark day.  So as we needed more supplies we headed off to Keswick.

Normally Keswick,, even in the middle of winter, is a busy town and to-day it was Market day so we were surprised that the town was deserted…few locals and even fewer tourists.  Admittedly the weather wasn’t helping but for this part of the country this is in no way unusual.  Streets normally crowded virtually empty at 2pm…….a sign of the times




Some interesting shops and unusual shops worth exploring but you have to have deep pockets. This art shop would normally be creating much interest with some stylish decor.


I was also told that this Norwegian Knitwear Shop has bucked the trend and seen an upturn in business since the rise in popularity of Scandinavian Detective and Police Dramas on the television this last year.

But we were heading for the very famous and long established Mountaineering Shop of George Fisher….but I am not going to tell you how much we spent there……

all essentials of course!


  Oh!….. I forgot to mention they have a great Cafe’


But Jean had another errand of dire importance to complete at this little shop…..I may be able to tell you what’s in the bags tomorrow.   The clue is above the door!


Yesterday I mentioned that the local economy was once heavily dependant upon Slate.  Farmers and Estates used it for many tasks where strength and endurance in all weathers was required. Gate posts is just on practical example, installed in some cases well over 100 years ago they still fulfil there tasks.  So I do wonder why the National Trust are replacing so many with wood post.  This one was replaced just 2 years ago and already split and damp is starting to widen the crack.  It will not last much longer….yet beside the the gate is the old slate post just cast aside yet still in one piece…..that’s progress.



All that remained to-day was to write the Postcards home so we can brag about our holiday and pop them into our local Post Box again secured by the strength of a Slate wall.



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  1. Lovely David! I think I’m enjoying your holiday almost as much as you! And it is interesting about the slate posts. Wonder if the NT has a good reason or it’s just a slip on their part??

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