Its ONLY a Cyclamen


Now I know for many of our readers in the Mediterranean countries, that Cyclamen are rather common both in the wild and garden, but for us in the U.K. the majority of Cyclamen are Christmas flowering ‘pot plants’ usually bright red or pink. Some of us are lucky and enjoy garden cyclamen in the woodland in the spring…..but even then it tends to be the southern climes where they do best.


So you can imagine my surprise when last year two little flower heads thrust there way up through our gravel patio.  They had self seeded from somewhere (and none of our Cyclamen were white) looked fragile and at only 7cm high perhaps too small to survive….not only that but August seemed to us the wrong time of year.  But survive they have and here we are 6th August and again they have popped up from seemingly nowhere and this time in a  clump that has expanded but still dwarf in size at 8cm.  I will have to nurture them.

But this year has been a strange one with the weather swinging from one extreme to another then back again.  All this as rather changed some plants natural time clock.



We are fortunate to have a few White Japanese Anenome.  Not many but a welcome sight and usually brightening our garden in mid September.  So to have them starting to show in early August is a bonus.


Elsewhere the Sedum are much more on track with their seed heads swelling nicely, still a light fresh green, but stating to get just the odd speck of  the September Red that they will soon become.

And green does seem to be THE colour of the garden this summer, the heavy rains have fed the foliage but spoilt the blooms.