A Very Rare Bee…….

Well not really, but this year in our garden it most certainly is a rare visitor.  In a normal year our flower beds are alive with Bee’s, Butterflies and Insects in many shapes and sizes. But not this year….so when two Bee’s put in an appearance, the first since early May, it was out with the camera …..and click.


I know that nature has a way of recovering but none the less this year is a worry.  Swallows, Swifts and Martins are a welcome sight when the occasional passerine does deem to give us a ‘fly past’.  Warm evenings on our patio are usually great for Bat watching, as the dark descends they dart back and forth, but we haven’t seen a single one this summer so I guess the shortage of insects is to blame.   All the above are obvious absentees but I suspect many other birds are equally fewer. So should we worry? Maybe we should……but what to do – I don’t know.