Why the Wyre…….

The Wyre Estuary is one of my favourite place to explore.  The Wyre is a relatively short lived river rising in the Bowland Fells of Lancashire and flowing out into Morecambe Bay and then onwards into the Irish Sea.  None the less it is packed full of interest in all seasons.

The last few miles of the Wyre are through large Salt Marshes and when the tide is at it lowest exposes vast areas of mud flats, the perfect feeding habitat for Waders and Wildfowl.

But it is at dawn when it is at its best, sun rising with a sky full of cloud and a receding tide it cannot be bettered……

Dawn over the Wyre

Dawn….Ramper Pot, Wyre Estuary


One frosty morning after a particularly high Spring Tide, I found this boat rather marooned on the marsh. Securely tied it way have been but the waters had lifted it clear of the reads and deposited it safely well away from the tide line…..and by the way, though the frost had left the reeds the water within the boat is still frozen solid.

As dusk approaches the marsh takes on another glow and presents yet another character.  Much calmer on this evening but the reeds still showing signs of the high waters that had washed them clean earlier in the day….but alas no sunset to finish the sequence…….

Salt-Marsh-Stannah Evening…. Stannah Marsh

Map picture

28th August