Why the Wyre…………….Part Two

Following on from yesterdays blog, I thought that you might like to see the same location at a different time.

The first images is from the same location as yesterdays opener but this time with the long lens and just a few minutes later that same morning….


Morning Feast

As I had mentioned the mud flats at low tide are a great feeding area for waders and wildfowl.  On this morning it was a lone Heron and a mix of smaller waders that were busy at the table.

A week later and just after sunrise the tides were very different, filling the estuary with water and providing a very different perspective to the river….


Dawn, Skippool Creek, Wyre Estuary

Although placid in appearance the river now runs deep and fast in channels out to Morecambe Bay. The marsh is starting to be inundated as the tide reaches high water level.  The pontoons and moorings may have seen better days but still provide safe secure berths for the moor intrepid of yachtsmen.


Skippool Creek

Miss the tide and its another 12 hour wait and even then some of these sailors prefer to wait for the higher Spring Tides to ensure enough depth of passage…….but what the heck, its a great place just to pass the time.

29 August.