The Woods….…and the Last Day of Summer

After what can only be described as a wet summer,  the last day of August and so we are told the last day of summer has been a fantastic sunny day….even though it might have been a trifle on the cold side.

So this mornings walk with the dogs through the woods and meadows was both refreshing and cheering.  On my route I pass this stretch of Beech trees all rather odd in shape…..Bent-Beech

Don’t be mislead into thinking that these are naturally wind swept.  In fact they are the result of the original land owner close planting these trees so that he could create a Beech hedge. The intention was to ‘lay’ the hedge, this is done by cutting part way through a stem whilst the tree is young and then folding back the top and intertwining it with its neighbour…the tree grows and starts to form a stock proof hedge and by repeating the process and with regular trimming its height and thickness can be controlled.  Here the land changed ownership and through neglect at the wrong time, each Beech tree as reached up to find the light and its own way in the wood.



Summer may well be over but the colours of the Autumn  and the subsequent fall of leaves is some way off.  Just the occasional leaf has fallen to join last years that have failed as yet to decay.


The woodland canopy is still thick only allowing the glint of sunshine to reach the woodland floor, a floor still thick with last seasons leaves. Whilst Ferns and mosses cling to the base of this Pine.…




Looking ahead to the fruits of Autumn it is clear that the Sweet Chestnut will provide a good harvest….I just have to make sure that when they fall I am first in the queue to pick the best before the Squirrels have them all!

On crossing the Meadows there was something of an added bonus. Although I have passed this spot each day this week there was no sign of these dainty Blue Harebells.  Usually they show in May and very early June then leave us for another year….but what a welcome display they have put on, fighting there way through the long grasses to brighten our morning…..




Back in the garden we still have lots of colour that has managed to survive the rains. But Dahlia, of which we usually have a good show have this year disappointed with only this loan bloom gracing us with its presence and bursting into colour.



The Sedum flowers are staring to change to their Autumnal red but still attract Hover flies to feed.

But of all the summer garden flowers it is the trusty Geraniums that provide colour and joy for the whole of the season…..and with luck will continue through the Autumn……



Now lets see what Autumn has in store for our delight!