I am full of Christmas Confusion…..


My Granddad (who knows everything) say’s that Santa Claus is coming to see me tonight when I am asleep!  But my Daddy (who knows nearly everything) told me that  Father Christmas is coming tonight!   Then at Nursery they told us about Kris Kringle and someone called Saint Nicholas!

On top of all that these visitors will be wearing funny clothes…..and  they are not coming by car but by Sleigh and Reindeer, what ever that is.  They say that the Christmas Man will also bring me some presents and it isn’t even my birthday……and after all that I will not be able see the funny men as I have to keep my eyes tight shut and remain asleep.     

Granddad also said that I must leave out a Mince Pie and a glass of Wine for Mr. Christmas  as well as some Carrots for the Reindeer.  I hope my mummy has some Mince Pies in the pantry as it is past my bedtime and too late for me to go to the Shops!  Happy Christmas from  Ewan.

24th December

© David Oakes 2013


8 thoughts on “I am full of Christmas Confusion…..

  1. Such a gorgeous boy! Those brown eyes….
    If he’s confused, just tell him those other guys belong to other countries’ cultures, and that we need more than one Santa Claus to deliver all those gifts to the good children around this very big world of ours. The reindeer would get very tired if there were only one Santa. 😛

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