Weekly Photo Challenge–Beginning


Nether Largie Standing Stones

The nominated theme for this weeks challenge was defined as ‘Beginning’…..but just where is the beginning was it at the moment of the  Big Bang it may well have been.  But if we travel back in time over 5000 years will that do?   For it is over 5000 years since man erected these Standing Stones.  They are part of a collection of over 350 ancient remains in a 6 miles radius, 150 of which are said to be prehistoric.  The location is Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, West Scotland.(see map below).  This area would appear to have been of great importance across the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, for some 3000 years a place of ancient celebration, worship and finally burial with Standing Stones, Stone Circles, Chambered Cairns and Burial Cists.





Even in more recent times this area has held a religious significance for countless Christian generations as witnessed by these Ancient Stone Crosses at Kilmartin Church,







a  fine collection of carved Grave Stones known as the Poltalloch Stones (circa 1300-1600)


and a further collection of Grave Markers in the Burial Chapel…..


But back to where we began..the beginning and those Stones Circles and Cists and perhaps these twin Stone Circles, one within the other, known as Temple Wood Circles is  the best place to close this submission……


4th January

© David Oakes 2014


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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Beginning

  1. Enjoyed this post a lot, David. For a non-resident of the British Isles it is very hard to know where to start when touring to look at some of the history, you have so very much. I was in the Outer Hebrides and NW Scotland but further north, two years ago and saw many ancient standing stones etc. but never heard of these and it seems like such a major site. Another one for the next visit!

    • You must include on a future visit. Despite being perhaps more accessible than those great sites further north it does seem as if they are a bit of a secret. Add some great coastal scenery and you have a great location. Bing Kilmartin and you will get a bucket load of info.

  2. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014, I have enjoyed these photos even more as I could send them on to a friend. She feels so at home in Scotland and has been there several times. Occasionaly, I send a link to your website to other people and hope you well get more fans. Of course, I do this also for Tony Richards in the Lake District. These photos up here are wonderful and make me wish that my oncoming pension money will leave me some room to visit some of the wonderful places in your photos. 🙂

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