The Lull… between

After the very Wet weekend we have a short sunny lull in the weather….


The delicate Clematis buds did manage to swell and burst into flower….whilst many of the petals fell as soon as they opened some did managed to withstand the wind and rain, and with some sunshine they have started to glow.

There is also dramatic change in the woods.  Glades that last week were open and bare now appear overgrown and dark…no way through for the explorer…..


The new growth on the tops still allows some light through but maybe not for too long now…..


That lack of light has had a marked effect on the Bluebells, last weeks rich carpet is now fading and disappearing till next year, sad but just part of springs cycle …..


But new growth is rising once again from the woodland floor….Bracken is starting to reach upwards with its ‘Fiddle Head’ like fronds starting to dwarf its surrounds though it has away to go before it reaches its full height and fullness……


Even more adventuresome is this Wild Strawberry growing out of a crack in a moss covered rock, but will it bear fruit?  It may well do, but I guess it will soon be devoured by one of the woodland mice…..


But the Best Find of the Day…..A Lone Glove

Those who have followed the blog over the past few years will know that in my woodland wandering I often come across a lost glove.  There have not been many this winter, perhaps not surprisingly as it was so mild.  May be this weekends cold snap encouraged the owner to press his into service.  If you are new to the blog you will be wondering what all the fuss is about in finding a glove along the trail….well it is has highlighted one of life’s little mysteries.  Let me explain….it is always a single glove that is found, never a pair but more mysteriously is that for adult gloves it is always a left handed glove or right handed if a child’s……and todays find is no exception.  One adult Left handed Glove – the mystery continues


4th May

(C) David Oakes 2015