Spring Greens…

Green is the colour of spring…..


Green that is at first nowhere to be seen…then wham! like an express train it is everywhere. It is also a special Tint (or may be Hue) of Green often called Spring Green. It is the leaves that show it the most and it is a deceptive look. The leaves tend to look light and transparent glistening in the sunshine…yet they cast just as heavy a shadow over the woodland floor as they do in mid summer.

The ‘understore’….plants that have lain dormant over the winter are now spreading a thick green carpet everywhere, drowning the bluebells, swamping pathways and stretching as best they can to reach the little light that seeps through the canopy of leaves…but this is what makes woodlands so special in spring. You can feel and smell the fresh new season as you pick your way through the now indistinct paths….

It is ironic that it is the very rain that I have been complaining about that creates this rich green world.There is also something sinister yet attractive about the dark damp trunks of the trees, stark against the brightness of the greens….and if you look hard and you will still find the odd small clump of Bluebells fighting to survive a few days longer.


Its Official….that rain we have been complaining  about.  By the 19th May we had had more rain this month than in the whole of an average May.

21st May
(C) David Oakes 2015