At the end of a Hot Day…and the Last day of June


At the end of a very hot day (yes, we do have the occasional scorcher) our first Day Lilly has opened. Tomorrow it will be gone but with luck others will now follow…..a fitting end to the month of June

30th June
(C) David Oakes 2015


Late and Early…so unpredictable


It is becoming rather predictable to mention the effects of this unpredictable spring and summer. The Peonies in our garden have produced their usual lush green foliage but this year only one bloom and it is late compared to previous years.

Yet, for us in our garden, the Sweet Pea’s are much earlier producing an abundance of fragrant flowers (these are a few wind blown casualties we rescued for indoors).

I wonder what July has in-store for us?


It may well be confusing for the plants…but it isn’t much better for us humans!  

Day 1, Light slacks and shirt. Day 2, Thick Fleece and heavier trousers. Day 3, Waterproof jacket and trousers plus hat. Day 4 (today)  Shorts and T-shirt and Boy! is it Hot.

…….perhaps it will be snow tomorrow?

30th June
(C) David Oakes 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

Our Lake…across the Seasons

My contribution to this Weeks Photo Challenge:-

Not the biggest Lake nor is it in the most dramatic setting…but its our Lake. Our Lake, in so much as we pass it everyday as we head off for ‘walkies’ with our 4 legged friends. It is where we head when we return from ‘more exotic’ locations,  indeed it is a friend to say ‘hello’ to as if it was missing us.

So it isn’t an intentional ‘Muse’ as indicated in this weeks Photo Challenge….more an accidental ‘Muse’…simply because it is there, it is in away, a constant in our lives.

29th June
(C) David Oakes 2015

Surprise for Nia…….

Happy Birthday Nia…..

So as you requested here is a Fairy Tale guest just for you Nia…..


A Victorian Cherub with a Birthday bouquet.

(The card is a Raphael Tuck card circa 1890)

28th June
(C) David Oakes 2015