North Yorkshire Moors…Heartbeat Country

Heartbeat Country..


Rosedale Cross, North Yorkshire Moors

The northern part of The North Yorkshire Moors has become affectionately known as Heartbeat Country.
If you are old enough to remember this Television Series or indulge in the cable re-run channels you will know what I mean. It was a sixties based TV cops and robbers series but country style, not harsh and brash like todays cops series…..but I guess what made it so popular were the twin elements of beautiful countryside in which to have car chases all intermixed with those ever so popular Pop songs of the era of which the Heartbeat was the title track. It was all based around the village of Goathland attractive in its own right but hijacked and renamed for the series Aidensfield.…being canny Yorkshire folk the villages have played along and renamed the village store and retained Scripps Garage ( Scripps being a multi-talented character who ran the Garage, Funeral Service and of course the Taxi and Haulage firm)….even some of the sixties Police Cars are dotted about the village.

Sadly the gloss is now fading and maybe one day Goathland will give up its Aidensfield connection. One thing that will not change are the sheep, everywhere over the village green….it is the only place I know where the Bus Shelter has a gate to keep the sheep out….

Goathland had no real need for a new identity. Tourist came to visit for many years via the North York Moors Railway. A Heritage Line running daily services from Pickering to Whitby over the moors using vintage Steam Trains and early Diesels. Today it is the Sir Nigel Gresley that is steam engine on duty….

Run by volunteers it is a real credit to them that they rebuild, maintain rolling stock and extend the same enthusiastic degree of care to the Stations on route of which Goathland Station still retains all its nostalgic charm…..

Now it is time to head for home. Our caravan has been pitched above Yorkshires tranquil River Derwent but the time has come to hitch up and head to our home above Derbyshire River Derwent. So with a found farewell it is time say goodbye to Yorkshire

The clear waters of the Tranquil Derwent

12th June
(C) David Oakes 2015


15 thoughts on “North Yorkshire Moors…Heartbeat Country

  1. So beautiful photographs as always dear David. Taking me into the dreams… I love these trains and I can imagine how enjoyable to travel with them. Thank you, have a wonderful weekend, love, nia

  2. Wonderful surprise to see this trip down Memory Lane for me. You did have great weather too. We had, of course, rain. 😀 And when we were there, the famous Golf Balls were still there too. They were replaced with an ugly structure. I much liked the Golf Balls… 🙂
    You four had a great tour, David. I guess that the dogs came along as well. Absolutely FAB! Thanks.

  3. 🙂 Klausbernd and I spent several days in Goathland on our first visit to the North Yorkshire Moors a couple of years ago. Being foreigners, living without a TV, we were not familiar with “Heartbeat” and we were somehow regarded like aliens. 🙂

  4. A holiday is supposed to be without any news, isn’t it? I bring my mobile phone with me on holidays just in case, but I do not watch TV, nor do I tend to read newspapers. Most of the days I do not even wear my wrist watch. It brings so much freedom to go without all this. Heartbeat wasn’t on Dutch TV either. I believe the BBC repeated the series during the last summers of 2013 and 2014. I did see some of them. BBC best series for me is still: Waiting for God though… 🙂

    • It was so popular that they made lots of series and now show them on the ‘oldies’ cable channels. Was enjoyable then just got tedious. But folk believed in it at the time, thought the characters real ….sad really, it is only entertainment

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