The End of the Day…….

Mid Summers Day…..North West Scotland….


The North West of Scotland has a reputation for bad weather, all year round. It can be extreme but it can also be calm and beautiful.

Following on from the image I posted yesterday to celebrate Mid-Summers Eve here is another. Loch Greshornish, Isle of Skye again and just as calm….

A  lone Fisherman deciding if at 11pm it is time to give up for the day… might well be the longest day but I think from has body language the fish had already gone to sleep!

21st June
(C) David Oakes 2015


13 thoughts on “The End of the Day…….

  1. We, ve made the experience that the fish is there, butg you have to change bait! Incredible as it sounds, thr trout bites through the night but during the dark hours around midnight your best bet is black spinners! Probably they can’t see the bait but they do seem to react to vibrations in the water.

  2. Could we leave the fish alone and in peace, just for this Midsummer?

    The photo is stunning. Worth enlarging on canvas and hanging it in the living room.

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