Tinkling the Ivories….


The Marble Hall, Holkham Hall, Norfolk.

I guess any pianist would just love to tinkle these ivories in this unique and magnificent setting. I also guess that it would also be a privilege to hear a maestro in action.

Like many such ‘Marble Halls’ in our Stately Homes of the period, it is real constructed of alabaster. The alabaster for the columns that support the 50ft high dome was transported over half way across England…, from Derbyshire to Norfolk. First by barge down the River Trent, then by ship round the east coastline to Wells….a tough a challenge as that faced by the stone masons..

Holkham Hall is the family home of Lord Leicester as it has been for over 350 years. Situated in a large Parkland the Hall and grounds are open to visitors…well worth a visit.  But unless you are a Maestro don’t ask to play the piano!

3rd July
(C) David Oakes 2015


9 thoughts on “Tinkling the Ivories….

  1. Interesting place. I like the way you have made this monochrome, adds to the ‘tinkling the ivories’ mood…and, I suspect, without the colour we concentrate better on the elements of this photograph

  2. Your revisiting my old haunts lived not far from here at Watton so know Holkham Hall also – this is a fabulous reminder as I was taking photos badly at this stage and without much thought – so thanks for the refresher.

    • Great House. the shots I have of the Kitchens have sold and sold over and over again…But as you know the Marble Hall has to be seen to get the real grandeur of the room. But I guess from all the comments you have made today that it MUST be raining in Morayshire (-: .
      Hope all goes well with you.

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