In the Shadows…..and an Exotic Surprise!

A Crystal White Hosta flower reaches out from the Shadows….


As many of us have mentioned this season has not followed the usual time table or predictable habits. The green shrubbery has really run amok drowning even the toughest of plants. Luckily the Hosta tolerates shade and perhaps these white cascades of flowers are all the better for dark background to show off their form.

But we also have a rather exotic surprise. Many years ago we planted several Phormium’s, we chose them for their architectural foliage of tall green, yellow and sometimes red, tall strap like leaves.

They are worthy of space just for those tall wafting leaves….but this summer they have thrown up tall curving spikes some 3-4ft in height…and atop of these spike there is what I can only describe as a multitude of flower each bearing a cluster of pollen coated stamens….


Best described as interesting rather than beautiful…but then again “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”...


Elsewhere it is now business as usual. One after each other more traditional flowers are now breaking cover…Foxgloves, Water Lillie’s and Phlox….



 I guess from now on each new day will bring along another of summers many surprises.

4th July
(C) David Oakes 2015