Not ‘as per’ the usual Timetable

Agapanthus….at last….


16th July…in a normal year the Agapanthus would be in full bloom, this year it is only just starting to reluctantly emerge from its shell. Possibly the bonus will be that the flowers will last longer to make up for the late showing.

The Phlox are doing well this year, rich lush foliage and the white flower petals are so bright they could feature in a detergent advert for the ‘brightest whites’


Our dwarf Hosta are proudly displaying their bells shaped purple flowers whilst in a crevice in the rockery, a flower we do not know is showing off its colours.


Whilst is has been a strange spring and so far an equally odd summer season we are still enjoying some great spots of colours with the promise of more to come.

16th July
(C) David Oakes 2015


5 thoughts on “Not ‘as per’ the usual Timetable

  1. I noticed my Agapanthus was in bud about a week ago, must check on its progress – I’ve been too preoccupied with sorting in the house

  2. I so love BLUE flowers. This is in full bloom:
    It’s very, very beautiful.

    By the way, David. Have you ever visited: or: The Dilston Physic Garden in Northumberland? I am planning to do so next year on one of those so called 3-days cruises from DFDS Seaways. 🙂 For me the most important part would be their Herbs garden. I have asked them to send me their Newsletters.

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