En Route…..

Day 3 at sea “en Route” to the Faroe Islands, so far reasonably calm with many bright sunny intervals….all very unexpected given the weather at St. Andrews for the Open Golf,  But as we passed that part of Scotland the Captain navigated a course a little further out to sea and it seemed to do the trick.

So the morning started sunny and very bright so it was coffee on the stern deck prior to a hearty breakfast followed by another lazy day of sea watching.  We did get reasonable views of Faire Isle (that lies between Orkney and Shetland) another place we have to explore some day.

Lovely  as the day was, the stiff breeze did deter folk from lounging on the top deck…but Jean is made of sterner stuff and was content to keep an eye on the passing seabirds


Tomorrow we make landfall on the Faroe Islands and the adventure begins in earnest

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20th July

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