Fjords, Mountains and Falls…..and the Occasional Sunset

Eidfjord and Hardangerfjord

Dawn and a network of new Fjords for us to explore.  We docked at the little village of Eidfjord…..


Before heading to the mountains some exploring of the town was called for and soon we were outside the Old Stone Church that has served the village well for several centuries (now replaced by a modern multi-purpose community church). It seems sad that this little gem should have been abandoned…the interior is wooden and once lit by candle light, still full of character whilst outside solitary lonely graves mark a past history of local importance….

In the shadow of the mountains there is a rather good Nature Centre telling much about the surrounds, Glaciers, Mountains, Falls and Wildlife…as well as the man made developments of high level dams for creating reservoirs to supply the Hydro Stations….there is no shortage of water!

Then it was back to the water to explore more of Hardangerfjord and its spectacular water falls. The prow of the boat giving some of the closest and dramatic views, perhaps the evening light set the perfect mood for this cruise amongst the fjords and providing our first real sunset.s of the trip….

Sadly we have not experienced the true Northern Lights but this image was taken close to midnight….and for a brief time gave us all hope that out luck was in…sadly this was the best it got. Still not a bad way to finish the day.


30th July
(C) David Oakes 2015


20 thoughts on “Fjords, Mountains and Falls…..and the Occasional Sunset

  1. To see the Northern Lights you need to go North, David. The city of Tromsoe ought to be a good place to start, but then you should make a serious attempt to remove yourself from the city lights. The best shots are done standing in snow up to your knees at some desolate place far from people . . . -)

  2. For me this fabulous, miraculous sunset will do. It’s breath taking! Thank you, David.
    You are quite right. The Aurora can best be seen in the winter. Remember this documentary from Joanna Lumley?

    There are 5 episodes all together but I picked the one with the Norther Lights… It’s very emotional for me although I was never there myself. The BBC made that feeling worse by the music… 🙂

  3. Well Sir – that is not the Norway we seen – utterly different and I think I may well have enjoyed the longer days to take more photos – I hope you are well and rested and you are both enjoying yourselves – great set

    • Thanks Scott…..did think of you and recalled your trip. We were more than lucky with the weather. Norway we have visited in the past and this trip didn’t disappoint….but at the risk of offending my Norwegian friends I have to say that Iceland was spectacular (all be it in a different way) and we do need to return there and spend more time independently exploring. Not far behind Iceland was the visit to Faroe and Torshaven…..that part of the tour was far too short. But then again time was limited on a tour that packed so many miles and so much into a relativly short time. But the plus is that we now know where to go back to. Best wishes (:-

  4. So you are sailing the Norwegian Fjords, David. Lucky you, I have never tried, and live a bit far from this interesting landscape. Agree with you about the old church! No shortage of water, hahaha, tell me about it. I hope there will not be too much pouring down, so you can experience some sunsets!

    • The weather has been surprisingly dry…..but a sky that is best described as milky has been the norm. Locals were commenting on how lucky we were with the weather and I think we were. Most of the water is glacial melt water and there is plenty more available!!!

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