Last Port of Call…….STAVANGER


Early morning….a bright day but one in which the sun is reluctant to break that Norwegian cloud cover that I am told is the most regular weather patten.

Bergen which we re-visited early this week had grown in size but in my view it had done it with style.  Stavanger has also grown but in a much more aggressive manner reflecting its increased importance as Norway’s main Oil Port.  That, and associated heavier industrial growth has  resulted in Stavanger’s older historical harbour being all but smothered.

Search and you will still find those old streets of timbered houses each vying for the most colourful floral displays.  Follow the cobble streets to the shopping area which is equally attractive. Whilst the main holiday season has yet to peak these streets are packed with locals and visitors.  So come take a trip in the ‘older parts of Stavanger…

Sadly for us this trip is over and tonight the boat sails for the U.K. (well we do have 2 days at sea to recover!). The wind has increased so a tug was needed whilst the boat turned to head homewards…but that just adds a little spice to the departure


  and our last evening view of leaving Stavanger…..a mix of the wild and the modern industrial

…..success and good fortunes to all



I found out the ‘ladies’ in Norway are stocking up with long winter knickers …

and candles for the winter.

Whilst we also witnessed the sublime and the ridiculous in Stavanger Harbour. Giant Cruise ships dwarfing both the town and other vessels. Now don’t shout I know we were on a cruise vessel, but one of much more modest style and more suitable for the Fjords and ports we visited…

We may not have discovered any Trolls…..

But we did find Billy Goat Gruff ….but even he wasn’t that gruff


Soon it will be back to the daily reality….but all good things must come to an end !!

31st July
(C) David Oakes 2015