Wordless Wednesday – Another Favourite Place

Sunset-Morecambe-Bay - Copy

Location:- Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, England

(even after last weeks wonderful sunsets in Norway a Morecambe sunset is still special)

5th August
(C) David Oakes 2105


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Another Favourite Place

  1. I love sunsets. When the weather is good and the sky is clear I can see one. Whether it is summer or winter, I can see a sunset from where I live. High up on the 6th floor, on the top corner of the apartment building with windows on the SW side and on the NW side. Free and uninterupted views of both the skylines of Rotterdam and The Hague. Since I moved in in 2010 I must have seen a few hundred sunsets and they never bore me. Each one is just as beautiful as the first one. The one you took in Norway was pretty spectacular and this one is just as spectacular though in other ways. 🙂 Thank you, David. It’s gorgious.

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