Nothing is stranger than Nature…..

Crocosmia…..and Mombrecia….


Many of us have made mention that this year has not gone to the usual plan. Seasons have been odd and weather very unpredictable. All this resulting in some localised odd flora situations. Some plants late to show and flower whilst others are early.

It has been a spring and summer full of surprises and even now some early signs of autumn are giving a clear hint that it will soon be there turn.

In our garden the Fire Red Crocosmia is a summer favourite.  It is with us for a few weeks then dies back soon to be replaced by the autumnal cousin Mombrecia with its yellow/orange flowers bells.

So it is another of this years oddities that we have both putting on a display together.

9th August

(C) David Oakes 2015


4 thoughts on “Nothing is stranger than Nature…..

  1. Such a lovely plant. The Atomic Age, winning the War with science, new technology as a result, and more human demands certainly have resulted in great change, in our environments, our thinking and expectations. Where will it all end?

    • At times I do wonder where it will all end…I fear that humans never lean the lessons of history, Without getting too serious I guess it real is greed that is the cause of most of the troubles today

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