Fading Fast


Summer passes us bye and the ‘autumn flowering’ Clematis is fading fast…very fast and it isn’t even autumn.

23rd August
(C) David Oakes 2015


9 thoughts on “Fading Fast

  1. Stunning colour, David. My oleanders are doing very well this year. Especially the white one. The red one is somewhat more subdued, but that one too has been a feast to look at for over two months now. I do bring them in from the balcony with bad weather like torrential rains and severe gusts of wind. We are expecting this again later today so I took my precautions already and the vinyl table cloth that I use for this is ready. I wuld hate to see the flowers blow off, or being ruined by the heavy rain. Oleander flowers are like little helicopters when they kind-a sail downwards to the ground. Just like the see buds of the Maple tree…. Fun to see…

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