Meteorologically its Autumn


Meteorologically its Autumn….well it is September the 1st…. but there are few signs of the real Autumn that has to come.

One sure sign that is getting more noticeable as each morning passes is that the sun is getting lower in the sky.  It takes awhile for it to rise above the hill and break through the woods.

That  is really the most obvious sign that the year is progressing.  Leaf cover after the rains is again a rich ‘spring’ green and the bracken has get to show a sign that it is ‘on the turn’.   It is the Birch that have started to loose leaf cover….but then again they were amongst the first to show in the Spring

Change may well be on the way….but for now an early morning woodland walk is still one of the best ways to start a day….

1st September

(C) David Oakes 2015


17 thoughts on “Meteorologically its Autumn

  1. Cracking light David especially your lead image – aye where did it go – I was stood in the heaviest downpour holding camera in one hand and Brolly in the other today 😩

  2. Aren’t you rushing things a bit? The autumnal equinox doesn’t come to call until September 23, and that marks the official start of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Or do you folks over there have some sort of royal (Royal?) decree that overrides that? I see that your bracken is still solid green, and that’s one of the main signs that my internal seasonal clock latches onto. Let’s continue to enjoy what’s left of summer!

    • I did mention that this was the ‘meteorological’ change and that the 23rd is the real autumnal equinox. But it has been a strange year here. Summer has produced some of its wonders but others have faded far too soon and as it has been so damp the bracken and the like have done well. Nor would I want to wish time away even if the weather was more extreme.

  3. Beautiful photographs, dear David. And also made me smile your title, meteorologically it is autumn…. 🙂 Today in here there is hot weather and as if you can’t breath, because of the high humidity, but seems that it is something before the rain… Clouds are coming… Thank you, have a nice autumn day, love, nia (By the way, I forgot to say, in these days we can hear El Nino on the weather forecast, as they say, it will be much more strong then before this year… and maybe not the same effection for us, but our autumn and winter will be extraordinary this year… Be ready for this, they said…)

    • I will say ” Lucky You” …our sunshine is coming in short burst and the heat has gone from the sun. Forecasters tell us September will be a good month so we will wait and see. But it has been a very strange year, plants in particular seem to have either done well or very badly. Here in our part of the world whilst not enjoying the best of spring and summers seem to have escaped the weathers worst. We will see what comes next! Take care. (-:

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