Why ?


I imagine that most followers of my Blog will now know that I have an affinity with woodlands.

Whilst the beaten track may well be fun, given a choice, I tend to explore off the established tracks and deeper into the woods.

I am obviously not the only person to trek off the track and I would assume that they do so for the same reasons.

I could say it is for solitude and peace, indeed it is, but at times the bird song and the wind thru the leaves can be far from peaceful.  Nor do I wish to keep all the fun for myself….But there is a BIG BUT.

Why having tramped so far off the trail, to I assume enjoy the wild woods, do folk have to leave their rubbish?….it is not even as if it is bio-degradable (not that that would be an excuse)……just  shear laziness I guess.

So not to bore you too much (as I could produce loads of similar images) here are two images that are typical…



If they take the trouble to carry it in …is it too much to ask that they carry it out….perhaps it is!

Moan over.

7th September

(C) David Oakes 2015


13 thoughts on “Why ?

  1. You know why, David! They are so dead tired that they cant bear the tought of having to carry a small empty bottle or can of beer all the way back home! It’s really heavy, you know! And now that it’s empty, it’s of no value to them any more. Not before the woods are riddled with 5000 such boxes. Then they’d probably remain at home with their beer!

  2. I agree with you dear David, why why why… I hate to see something like that. People changed… At the end we would be living in a mess with all these garbage… Thank you, love, nia

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