Changing…slowly but surely


The sun may be shining bright…brighter even than for most of our summer…and gratefully with even more than just a hint of warmth.

Despite that there is change on the way, slowly but surely the colours are changing in the countryside.  The grasses are going brown and leaves on the more mature trees are just starting to show those hints of autumn.

All about there are now signs that the seasons are changing…we still have many rich greens casting deep shadows but elsewhere those indicators that summer is drawing to a close,   autumns approach is just around the corner…

There are also some disturbing indicators that all is not well.

The Ash Tree one of our native species, wide spread across both woodland and farm land, is now under threat from Ash Dieback Disease.  The disease is spreading from the south east, at first its progress was slow but now gathering some pace.  Of the two trees below, I suspect that, Ash Dieback is now effecting the one on the left….if so it will be felled, and no doubt its twin will join it, and then burnt to try and stop the spread.


I just hope that the disease can be brought under control. If not  without any doubt it will change the face of Britain’s countryside.

8th September

(C) David Oakes 2015


5 thoughts on “Changing…slowly but surely

  1. I have to watch the seasons change vicariously. Also I was reading that 955 species of animals and insects depend on the ash for their lives… so the death of those trees would be catastrophic to the ecosystem…

    • True….but the infection is spreading even though it appears to be slower than originally expected. Although it is a native species the infection from what we are told has come from stock imported from elsewhere which seems a little perverse

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