A Surprise with the Weather

The forecasters predicted dire weather but we woke to some extra special September sunshine…so headed to the Moors


Stanton Moor was the location.  The Heather is really past its prime now but still managing to provide the odd burst of purple. For the most part the Bracken is  a rich ‘spring’ green and just starting to turn in the odd spot.

The Rowan Tree (or Mountain Ash) is for me one of the early autumnal indicators now a mass of rich red berries of autumn….. but the view over the countryside around the moor is still very much a summer view…


Even the Silver Birch that grace the surrounding edges to the moor give a feeling much more in keeping with spring.

So despite its higher elevation and the progress of the seasons Stanton Moor is providing a string of mixed seasonal messages…..not that I am complaining as it all just added to the pleasures and discoveries  along our walk.

The only surprise today was that there were so few people out and sharing the splendour of a September Sunday….


13th September

(C) David Oakes 2015


7 thoughts on “A Surprise with the Weather

    • Very different from today…monsoon rains again. As to the shots…well I am not looking for camera club images anymore nor shots for publication….just for the fun of recording the day/month/year.
      Anyway that aside, I see from studying the weather charts that Scotland has been enjoying some great late summer weather so I expect to see a flurry of new images….(-:

  1. Surprised you didn’t have many fellow hikers this bright day! The colours are the same here, but we have no sun…and very windy. This September day was a great gift to you – and you invited us to share. Thank you for positive and uplifting pictures!

  2. I am so glad to hear this beautiful weather there dear David, you captured a wonderful photographs. It was a terrible weekend in here, we had a crazy rain falls. Thank you, love, nia

  3. Stunningly beautiful again, David. I ‘nicked’ the one with the fallen fungus. A Dutch nursery rhyme goes about a little gnome who sits on this fly agaric and wiggling his little and skinny legs till all of a sudden he hears a loud CRACK and the fly agaric lay broken on the ground…. 😀 . I am humming the childrens song now even though I forgot most of the words by now. 🙂

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