Mother Nature Knows Best…..


Wild Cyclamen

I am indebted to Lydia for reminding me that ” Mother Nature Knows Best”….it was made in respect of another image where nature had taken charge.

This morning I was again reminded that indeed nature does know best.

The Cyclamen above,  have found safe haven under a garden bench amongst the gravel.

They appeared several years ago from who knows where….I suspect a seed deposited with a liberal does of manure from a bird……  It was certainly not planted by us.

Whilst we do have a few Cyclamen about the garden they have all been planted and cared for.  Yet somehow they never seem as much at home as the ones above which are ignored and forgotten about till the new seasons flowers appear.

It is true that the cultivated plants are much bigger and they brandish brash colours, but I have to admit to rather liking, in fact preferring, these diminutive flowers with there subdued  tints of white with just the merest of  a hint of pink.

So may be as Lydia says….Nature does know best.

16th September

(C) David Oakes 2015


6 thoughts on “Mother Nature Knows Best…..

    • I think we also are now sharing those first cold evenings warning us that the inevitable changes are taking place and indeed the daylight hours are getting noticeably shorter. But we do have the splendour of autumn to look forward to.

        • We are told that in the UK we had the wettest August for many years, yet the reservoirs are low! September has been more sunny than rain…BUT when it rains it rains heavy. Trees are still full and so far only the odd touch of autumn colour

  1. Thank you, David. They are stunningly beautiful. This house plant (most of them are kept indoors) is one of my challenges. I seem not to be able to keep them. Although I am rather lucky with two of the three poinsettia’s. Since late november they keep themselves growing and beautiful with fresh, spring like new leaves. Same for a 6 years old SaintPaulia. But no azalea’s nor cyclamen…. sofar.

    • Our indoor Cyclamen we do manage to keep from one year to the next…after the flowers have died I pop the whole plant pot out into the garden in a shady spot.. they die right down then in September start to shoot and once some growth is established I bring them indoors

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