Spring or Autumn…who knows!


After a couple of days of rain it was nice to get out in this mornings sunshine.

It is fresh in the woods but is it Spring or Autumn it is hard to tell.  The sun is definitely low in the skies, the leaves are still rich green and there is little in the colours to indicate that Autumn is on the way.  Not bad for halfway through September.


Not that I am complaining just glad to make the most of these occasional glorious days

19th September

(C) David Oakes 2015


8 thoughts on “Spring or Autumn…who knows!

  1. Love the sunburst! I had the same thought about how it could be spring time here in my part of Canada! We had some rain and it perked up everything that still hasn’t headed into fall foliage. The cotoneaster are putting their fall coats on, though – big splashes of red!

    • Over here in this part of the U.K. it is staring to feel very much like autumn, chillier, dew in the mornings and that distinctive autumnal smell….yet we are yet to see any significant change in leave colours towards those reds and golds. True we have some dried leaves that have fallen and they have turned but otherwise as I indicated above it is hard in our woods to distinguish spring from autumn. It has been a strange year and none of the seasons have followed the established pattern.

  2. Only 3 more days until the equinox, and things are moving slowly here, too. I, for one, am welcoming the cooler nights and that certain tantalizing tang in the air. I’ll be back in the woods again at the end of the week and I’m really looking forward to it!

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