Fickle Weather……That’s the British Climate for You


We British often get criticised for our obsession with the weather, constantly talking about it (and Blogging about as well). Not surprising really, it is unpredictable to say the least…one day fine the next rain even the Meteorological Office seems to have difficulty in  providing accurate forecasts.  Then when we do get that once in a generation drought or a winter when we have 6 weeks of snow and ice we really do have something to talk about.

Lets take this last weekend as an example, in my Blog ( it was nice to show off our countryside in the autumnal sunshine.

If you look at the last image on that page on the link above, you will see a tranquil evening shot over the lake. But that tranquillity was not to last.  The following day we woke to heavy rain which has now persisted for two days.

The image above is of that same location and taken in a lull in the rain. With two dogs anxious for ‘walkies’ you cannot hide indoors for long. The lull was only brief and yes, we did get rather wet.  But even that didn’t detract from the lush scenes in the Birch woods….


But we were in for a treat….the weather forever fickle decided to grant us an act of kindness.  An hour and half later when our route returned to the lakeside the sky cleared and the late afternoon sun shone…


What a difference it makes…..immediately your spirits are lifted and its a joy to be out and about.

Reluctant to head for home, we lingered a while longer, watching as the sun created different and new patterns across the water and the shadows lengthened….


True to form….before we arrived back at home…and just as quickly it was raining again.

But that’s British Weather for you….something worth talking about…..

as they say…… Have a Nice Day!

22nd September

(C) David Oakes 2015


7 thoughts on “Fickle Weather……That’s the British Climate for You

  1. Must embrace the rain. At times there’s too much and at others there’s not enough, but life as we know and love it couldn’t go on without it. I, for one, love to shoot in the rain, especially because of the natural saturation the overcast sky brings, provided that it’s not too windy. And it really helps to have a ready and willing companion to hold the umbrella!

  2. Wonderful … I’ve never been to Britain … these photos make we want to buy a ticket immediately … despite the weather … which is becoming an interesting topic here in Italy as well 😉

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