Early Morning…….late September


Big Wood, Allestree

September 26th……The low morning sun is the only real indicator that Autumn is on the way.

The mixed and changeable summer weather has probably helped the lush green growth in leaf and undergrowth across our woods.  The rains of the past week seem to have ‘reset’ the leaves and there is a rich smell of warmth as the suns rays warm the ground.  All in all I cannot recall a late September so rich and lush as this year.

If you look hard there are some signs that the change is on the way.  It is mainly the small Silver Birch leaves that have yellowed and now sparkle on the trails.  I guess it will not be that long now before all is covered in a thick layer of golden leaves….temperatures have dropped at night so the first frost cannot be far away then the real Autumn and all its glory will arrive.

26th September

(C)  David Oakes 2015


One thought on “Early Morning…….late September

  1. Lush is also overhere. I think we need to thank the rain for that… even tho it’s a bit hard, because I did get fed up with all this wet stuff… 🙂

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