Just another Summers Day………?


It felt like summer and to a great extent it looked like summer.

The sun was out, hardly a cloud in the sky and it was shirt sleeve warm.  It has been a trifle chilly overnight but for a late September day it was just grand.

Lake or woodland it was a wonderful day to be out… though there was no hiding the fact that Autumn is on the way.  The first signs of Autumn and its colours are starting to show, that distinctive golden brown was edging in…..


The woods are a mix of colours. The main palette is still green with just the occasional flash of gold much enhanced by the seasons low light.  But the leaf cover is still solid so we continue to have that wonderful mix of light and shade.  In that shade the fungi of Autumn is appearing.

Despite those Autumnal touches it does very much feel like summer….

Even our local Golf Course was looking its best in the September sun…just surprising it was so quiet, I thought it would have been a delight for any golfer to be out on a day like this….


I love Autumn but with September days like today Autumn can wait awhile yet!

27th September

(C) David Oakes 2015


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