A Reluctant “Goodbye” to September…….


Burbage Edge looking to Higger Tor, Derbyshire

The last day of September…and what a great month it has turned out to be.  A month of the best and most consistent weather and a marked contrast to the rest of the summers weather. Lots of sunshine and very dry.

So to make the most of this late summer bonus we headed of to the moors.  The low bright sunshine cast long shadows which added to the contrast in colours on the moor, colours very different from a few weeks ago.  The Heather has lost its colour, the flower heads now turned to seed and foliage turning dark brown, the Bracken has dried and in the warm sun has now turned a rich copper brown which in turn contrast to the greys of the Gritstone rocks that make up the geology of this part of the moor and rocky edge.

Expansive views are the reward for walking the edge, views that take in Carl Wark an Iron age camp on top of a promontory in the near foreground, Higger Tor and Fiddlers Elbow beyond and then to the wider Pennines along the far horizon…..

Wild as these moors are they were like most of Derbyshire, they were once scenes of much and varied industrial activity taking advantage of the counties natural resources…in this case the Gritstone Rock. last week I posted an image of Padley Gorge that featured an abandoned Millstone (https://davidoakesimages.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/wordless-wednesday-another-favourite-place-52/)


I tried to explain to comments made why it was there, where did it come to be there.  Well take a look at the rock to the right of this image.  Spot the centre hole and the rough circle partly shaped into a wheel.  The natural incline of the geology along the edge made for easy selection of suitable rocks which were then carved out in-situ.  Many were abandoned when the French invented a new style of mill grinding wheel.  But Mill wheels were not the only use to which the stone was used and traces of other activity can be found.

Farm Water Troughs were also hewn by hand from large pieces of Gritstone.  But just imagine the frustration for these workmen that after many long arduous hours of work the stone splits….I guess no pay that week for the stonemasons…

But for us the day was soon over and it was down off the moor through some sparse woodland in yet another of natures wonderful rock gardens…..


30th September

(C) David Oakes 2015


8 thoughts on “A Reluctant “Goodbye” to September…….

  1. It was beautiful September… But October didn’t start with a nice weather in here, dear David. Rain and rain… I loved the photographs of these landscapes… How beautiful colours… Thank you, have a nice and enjoyable new month, Love, nia

  2. Just before the full moon, the Harvest Moon, the Blood Moon and the eclips the weather turned here. From two weeks of miserable weather with rain and a lot of wind and around 18º. The temperature dropped 2 degrees. The wind’s still there, but on some days parts of the day were without wind. Or just a little breeze. We have had bright and glorious sunshine, blue skies and a chance to try to dry out the place. It’s still no time for Central Heating, I think. Inside it’s still over 20º. But it’s wonderful to be outside. Cycle around, have a cup of tea on a terrace on market day here and tomorrow I want to go to our woods. Just about 25 minuted to cycle. Find a wooden bench under a colouring tree, bring my thermos with tea and my lunch and something to read. And just let the water in the pond/small lake ripple and make friendly noises where it hits the sides. Let the birds search for acorns and beech nuts and chesnuts and small insects on the forest floor. Smell the funghi and the rotting leaves. See some happy pooches play with eachother while the owners sit on another park bench. Just reload my system with great thanks to Mother Nature. It’s a very busy time of the year for the tennant committee overhere with much changes thanks to the government. One needs to relax in such a place every now and then. Tomorrow it must be. Not a day later. The weekend promises more clouds and from Monday/Tuesday also more rain again.
    Views like Derbyshire we do not have. Ours is a flat country. Hardly even any proper hills apart from the Dunes along the coast and in the East and South East some more hilly landscape. Here, in the busy West, just north of Rotterdam, everybit of quiet place is good enough for me. And face it… between the beautiful changing trees you cannot see any hills, now do you…? 🙂
    I am poetical today…. Thanks David. FAB FAB FAB photos again. Back to work for me now… 😀

  3. Wow – must have missed this when you posted it. Fantastic. I have never seen this kind of thing before, where abandoned work was just left in situ.

  4. stunning photos David! what a joy to look at, you must love going out there and wandering about taking these! and thank you for putting names to the places 🙂

    • We really have had a marvellous September (or maybe after a poor summer it just seems that way) The autumn colours have yet to become established so we still have that to look forward to….and yep, great to get out and about just wish I had more time

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