Wind Falls……


The wind and rains of the past couple of days have made a change.  Wind falls of Conkers as big as Crab Apples (or if you prefer Crab Apples as small as Conkers)  The leaves cannot be far behind now.

8th October

(C) David Oakes


6 thoughts on “Wind Falls……

  1. There conkers on my sideboard, together with a couple of acorns and some already coloured autumn leaves. It will be lovely weather next weekend but also much colder. The colouring of the trees and bushes will go faster then. It’s a feast to see the changes. Yes, including the dull, grey days (for now at least). It’s autumn and it shows the richness of colours and smells before we enter the 6 weeks of Silence in Nature. Between November first and Yule on December 21st. Only 6 weeks, David…. before the days will start to lenghten again. 🙂

      • Aye… but the quiet time has to do with animals and trees and plants above the ground. It’s as if they start a kind of hybernation of sorts. Woods will be quite still in this time. Although, UNDER Ground it’s very busy as usual. It’s all having a purpose. That will be the next Spring and summer with the new flowers, singing birds and the crops in the fields.

        As for the gales…. I can do very well without them too…. brrrr 😉

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