Normal Service……sort of


Sunshine once again after the rains and winds of the past few days.  The woods are feeling refreshed but those colours of autumn are starting to become more predominant.

It has also been very mild with above average temperatures and a high humidity beneath the trees

so the fungi has been literally “popping up everywhere”


Mild it remains even though the sun is noticeably lower in the sky but before the true autumnal colours grace the woods we will need a good frost to trigger the turn.  Not that I wish to hasten the end of the season…far from it, there is much still to enjoy

The Lake was still but its character had changed to a dull murky colour….even so it still acted as a mirror for the red glow of lakeside leaves….


As for Carla…well sunbathing in the garden even got a tad warm so she

found herself a little welcome shade behind some pots….


9th October

(C) David Oakes 2015


7 thoughts on “Normal Service……sort of

  1. Hope so too: dry weather, misty mornings and vibrant colours. Temperature will drop as from the weekend here and we will get lots of sunshine again, ‘THEY’ tell us. THEY: the forecasters, of course. All of this with a stiff but cold wind from the East and North East so the colouring will go faster now. Time to hit the wood again coming week!

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