Time for the Rut…….


Reports are coming in from Scotland to the South of England that the Red Deer Rut is underway.

So far in our part of the country we have yet to hear that dramatic ‘roar’ of the calling male establishing his territory.

Surely within the next two weeks they must circum’ to the annual ritual.

So till then, here is an image from this time last year, when the Rut was nearly over and the Hinds could once again relax.

12th October

(C) David Oakes 2015


10 thoughts on “Time for the Rut…….

  1. Thanks glorious. Had to stop the car yesterday in bushey park near Hampton court as huge Stag crossed the road taking his time to send a roar reverberating all around! Regards Thom.

      • Lovely set of antlers…. In the spring I like to go into the woods in the middel of the country and hope to finf a set there… Although I think the rangers will try to beat me at that. I can buy them then… something I didn’t want to when it’s just been thrown away… 🙂

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