Oh! Deer……Just a Little Nibble


Just browsing…..the dry Oak leaves and the fallen Acorns make a nice snack for this Red Deer Stag.

I mentioned earlier that the Red Deer Rut had yet to start in our corner of the country. Anxious not to miss out I headed back to the Deer woods to see if the situation had changed.  After a little stalking I cam across lots of Fallow Deer but none of the Reds.  Then out of the woods came this lone Stag…not a care in the world and as far as he was concerned I was not considered a threat.  So I just stood still and let him get on with grazing.

As for the Rut, well it doesn’t seem imminent. Nor does this Red seem to pose any threat to the smaller Fallow Deer  all content to share the same table with each other.  You can also see, in some of the images below, the Red Stag rubbing his antlers along the branches of the tree as he scent marks his territory.

The as quickly and as silently as he appeared he nonchalantly turned and ambled off

P.S.   As everything was so calm I was beginning to wonder if I had missed the Rut.  It would seem not – I met a couple of other Photographers also checking out the scene.  Our conclusion was that we may need to scatter some Viagra amongst the Acorns! and wait a little longer.

15th October

(C) David Oakes 2015


24 thoughts on “Oh! Deer……Just a Little Nibble

    • In parts of the U.K. they tell us that their numbers are far too high and encouraging culls. I understand that in some areas they are damaging the woodlands and some add that the health of the herd are at risk. Culling may indeed be necessary but I hope any cull is done in a controlled manner (I fear too many shooters just do it for the ‘fun’ of killing something). I couldn’t pull a gun trigger on such a beautiful animal. Nor should the cull be widespread, just limited to well defined areas were the numbers are high….after all I would suggest that seeing a Red Deer for the majority of the U.K. population would be a rare treat and not a problem just a thrill.

  1. Amazing, fabulous, stunning…. you name it, I think it fits. All of these words. What a magnificent beast! I don’t think you need to scatter Viagra. They may be a wee late, but they cannot but act according to their instincts. It will come. You will hear and hopefully see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAUuq59AW6s

    • Hi Nia…..Thanks again for your comments. I do hope that you are now feeling in a ‘better place’ after the turmoil’s of last weekend. I would normally say to you have a great weekend….but perhaps have a peaceful weekend would be more appropriate. Stay safe, thinking of you and friends

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