Another Bright Start…..but now a bigger hint that Autumn is here


Autumn colours are now starting to appear.  The Beech are now turning and adding there glow to the woodlands.

But it is still a slow start as everywhere else the woodlands are still dark under the heavy canopy of leaves.


16th October

(C) David Oakes 2015


8 thoughts on “Another Bright Start…..but now a bigger hint that Autumn is here

  1. I love your British woodlands, they are so different to our Aussie bush, a very different sort of green.

    • I know we are so lucky to have such a broad variety of trees. Even in the almost bare winter they will give us lots to see and enjoy albeit in a different way. Till then we can enjoy the coming colours of autumn.

    • The Autumnal change is inevitable…and it is rather nice when it happens but it is what comes after that is the downside. Still in theory the later and the longer the Autumn maybe the shorter the dark winter

  2. Them dark days have arrived here. Here is just North of Rotterdam. For about a whole week it’s cold, humid, misty and quiet with just little wind. So this isn’t going anywhere. Fogot: we did get some raim, courtesy of Germany. 🙂

    Temperature wise it’s on average 3-4 degrees colder than it should be. Ah, well… it’s Autumn. And getting the dark days now, we won’t be getting it in November. (She said hopeful). But still, most trees are having green leaves. The forecast is a wee better. Still too cold for the time of year but drier, less foggy and maybe even some sunshine. I hope to visit our woods. They are a 20 min. bikeride away. After this cold week I do expect more colours still on the trees and on the ground. Two weeks ago, I sat on a bench in the sunshine, out of the wind and it was too warm really. Now, it’s like November.
    Two more weeks and we enter the so called quiet time that lasts for 6 weeks and ends on 21 December at Yule. From then on the days will lengthen again. We will notice it around the 5th of January. You can see in your diary if it keeps the times for sunrise and sunset. Just 8 more weeks from now… 🙂

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