Just Another Autumn Day….


Just for a change the morning started dull, overcast clouds and a chill.  The low sun did break through eventually to create another bonus autumn day.

Whilst the full autumn colours of gold and brown have yet to become widespread it is noticeably becoming richer in colours.

Ferns are turning and fungi is spreading….but the Ash trees are definitely nearing there seasonal end, the Ash keys are turning black and the leaves dry, so one good frost and the branches will be bare.  One tree that has not survived the year well is one of our old Oaks, now just a skeleton but much loved by Woodpeckers….so I guess it isn’t all bad.

The Forecast for the next few days is rather confusing….it may well rain on the other hand we may well have another ‘Bonus’ sunny day…..

18th October
(C) David Oakes 2015


8 thoughts on “Just Another Autumn Day….

  1. And another dull grey day overhere. That High lies just north of us and Denmark and won’t budge. Brings quiet weather and grey days. No woods for me for a while. I fell yesterday right on top of my osteo arthritis left knee. No bike rides for the time beig.
    Byt I don’t nee to go, as you went and brough these fab photos back to enjoy. I will do so with great pleasure. Thank you David.

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