Welcome to….Golden Derby


We may live on the edge of a City (albeit small by most City standards but it still has all the toil and turmoil of larger locations)  we do though have one very big bonus….and that is the large number of Public Parks. Most of these are due to the generosity of wealth Victorian Industrialists who created these spaces for the health, well being and recreation of the then towns inhabitants. In fact the first ever Public Park was opened in Derby.  These Industrialist were genuine ‘benefactors’ and within the area established Schools, Hospitals and Housing.  They were such sound projects that many, if not most, still exists in some form to the present day. The Parks offer enjoyment for all and each has its own individual characteristics which adds to the community benefits.

Derby also has a River running through its centre.  It is the River Derwent flowing from the high Derbyshire Peak District through the county to eventually join the River Trent and onwards to the North Sea.

Tranquil as the River appears today like much of Derbyshire it was once a scene of much industrial activities.  Indeed it importance as a location for the Industrial Revolution was recognised when the Derwent Valley ( from Derby to Matlock ) was designated as “a World Heritage Site“.


Darley Abbey Mill Complex is just one of many once busy industrial locations along the Heritage Trail.

Darley Abbey gains its name from a medieval Abbey that once stood in the area now all that remains is a local Inn of that name.  But Darley is the location of one of our City Parks and at this time of the year is an autumnal delight proving that green spaces less than a mile from the City Centre can still be golden havens of autumnal colour and peace and tranquillity…

No sooner has Autumn begone that it soon starts to fade away

23rd October

(C) David Oakes 2015


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    • It has many lovely places…it also has some areas we are not so proud of but these are getting fewer. Overall for a town that became a City and was the centre of much more heavy industry than it is today there has always been a perceived view that open spaces were very necessary for the healthy of the community. We also have the added advantage of being part of a great County of Peaks and Dales into which to escape when we feel the need. I guess we are fortunate

  1. I am so pleased to see and hear that England is enjoying a great ‘Indian Summer’ at the moment. The same High as we have, problaby. But we we are hiding in grey clouds that won’t budge, drizzle rain every now and then, hardly any wind. It’s not cold now, but the sun is rarely seen here. It’s affecting the colours here… not enough sunlight to get so beautiful as in your area. Stunnig colour, David. Wonderful. Thank you for showing us. With all the rain you got over the past 6 months, this is a superb apotheosis.

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