Weekly Photo Challenge – Treat


Take a break….

A Treat is this weeks topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge – (https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/treat/).

For us a real Treat is a spell of good weather and its on with the hiking boots, with a packed lunch and flask in the backpack and with Carla and Buster in tow. Then it is off into the fresh air of the hills, valleys, woodland or coast.  Nor is it just the exercise, the exploring and the people you meet along the way that is the Treat…..but often it is just the sitting, listening and watching and at times taking it all in or else nothing in particular.  A REAL TREAT

31st October

(C) David Oakes 2015


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Treat

  1. What a perfect place for a picnic! Weather here too is quite promising. I may just cycle to the wood next week to have a cupper at the restaurant there with views on the small lake. In the Lake District they call it a tarn because it it’s size but we call it proudly a lake… 🙂
    Best regards for the mrs and a pet for the dogs. Lydia

    • Dogs patted as requested. Yep, tarns just part of Cumbian language…bur many tarns are pretty big lakes and some lakes not called lakes but “waters”. Hope the weather holds out for your trip out 😊

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