Summer………….It Seems So Long Ago!


Wells Next the Sea, Norfolk

We cannot complain…it has been a good year so far even though the weather and resulting growth pattern hasn’t gone to the usual plan. Thankfully autumn has been and still is the icing on the seasonal cake delaying the start of winter for awhile longer..

But the last few days have been damp, cold and misty….well foggy really!  It is though enough for the sensory memory to play tricks with your in built time clock.

Yep, those days of hot sun, blue sky sandy beaches, BBQ’s and Pick-Nicks in the woods, with fresh air to breath in deep…. does now seem a lifetime away.

5th November

(C) David Oakes 2015


9 thoughts on “Summer………….It Seems So Long Ago!

  1. And a rather looong walk, it seems?!
    You’ll get really thirsty before you reach the sea here. What’s the difference between high/low tide in these parts?
    Something like 12 feet?

    • This Norfolk/Suffolk coastline is one where sand and mud has swamped the coast. Hard to believe but Wells was once a very busy east coast port but like many others it has been left along way from the sea. I should add that it does at very high tides cover all this beach and even moderate tides cover a good deal…..but at low tide it is indeed a long walk out to the edge

  2. I expected some 20-25 degrees and sun from my weeks in China…but the weather was exactly like at home…fog, drizzle and the odd ray…some degrees warmer than here though.

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