Friday again……it keeps on coming around far too fast, in fact it seems to get faster each week…

Keep Calm

It is wet and grey outside….the desk has more papers on it than is good for me.

So it was a case of head down and get on with the ‘office’ housework. I think you know what I mean…..all those tasks put off for you know “a rainy day”.

Well that rainy day is here so its time to get on with it.  Which is why the sign in the shop earlier today seems so appropriate….and yes, the tasks do seem to be going on and on and on!

6th November

(C) David Oakes 2015


8 thoughts on “Friday….Again!

  1. It seems rain comes here too this weekend. There wasn’t sun today, cloudy and colder than yesterday. November started cloudy. Thank you dear David, have a nice and enjoyable weekend, love, nia

  2. A Rainy day… preparations for our members meeting on Monday evening. We ‘lost’ two of the people from our ‘board’ and the chair is at home, healing from a mild stroke. So we are left with just 5 of the 8 people on the board. There is quite a lot to be done but we are getting there. It’ll be ready on Monday. We will probably have to accept that two of our board members will have to go. And it’s not easy finding new ones. It is a lot of work, more learning even and several study days elsewhere, a new law to learn etc… I was amazed to find out how quick I could learn the new law and the implications. But today was a rainy day. So I managed to do quite a lot. The rest is for tomorrow when more rain is expected. 🙂

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