After the Storms…….


Allestree Lake

A weekend of heavy rains and high winds, not quite as sever as predicted in our small corner of the world, but still bad enough to drive us indoors.

A harsh low early morning sun provided a brief and welcome bright spell to the day. The rain and winds had washed clean and swept aside a good deal of the leaf litter around the lake whilst choosing to ignore the dead branches.

Surprisingly we are still left  with some colourful leaf colour to remind us that it is still autumn….not bad for mid November.

16th November

(C) David Oakes 2015


4 thoughts on “After the Storms…….

  1. Well it’s blowing a hooly up here which is why I am wide awake when I should be sleeping. We just missed Storm Abigail but you could the edge of it across the Firth – I always love watching weather systems move through.

    • I have to be truthful…..whilst we have had some very bad weather over the past few days it is not nearly as bad as that which has swept over North West Scotland. Even the heavy rains that are causing flooding is further north in Cumbria and Yorkshire. The worst I have had to endure is wet walkies with the dogs (who love it once out and about) and a letterbox that flaps and clatters in the wind. So I guess I better not complain.

  2. As far as we can see it from here (just North of Rotterdam), Scotland did get the bulk of Abigail and maybe also the remnants of Kate, who flew over from the States…. Comparing it with what we got we came off lightly. Galeforce 8 with gusts of 9 and 10. Easypeasy… 🙂

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