Sometimes…The Sun does Shine in Cumbria


For many folk mention the Lake District and you think of rain….not surprising when you recall all those lakes.  But there are some days when the sun breaks through and it all becomes paradise. 

This was one such day back in autumn…..I hope this flash back brightens this last day of November for you.

Location:- Little Gatesgarthdale beside Hause Gill before it tumbles down Honister Pass to Seatoller, Cumbria

30th November

(C) David Oakes 2015


18 thoughts on “Sometimes…The Sun does Shine in Cumbria

  1. It works, David. Thanks. I feel better seeing this great photo. Wonderful. We’ve had a stiff gale yesterday evening mostley. It was the first tme in my life I ‘ve seen waves of rain water being blown forwards on the road in front of my top floor appartment. Almost scary, but most certainly exiting. Mother Nature makes one feel really small with such weather. And after a reasonbly quiet morning (wind only force 5) it’s getting stronger by the minute and the rain started again as well. Weather prophets thin it may be up to 20-25 mil today. I am inside with a nice cup of hot tea next to the computer. For those who need to go out in such weather: be careful please.

  2. We had a heavy gale this night, many people got their roofs blown off…and quite some trees have fallen – unfortunately over roads and rails as well. And rain. If you haven’t got it, it went here anyway.
    Glorious light in your photo – it really brightened my dark and rainy day. Thank you!

    • And it is still raining here. I suppose in this little corner of the UK we shouldn’t complain as late summer and autumn were driest and warmest on record, we even had some sunshine! But just over two weeks ago I posted an image of one of our reservoirs….the water level was worryingly low. haven’t been back as yet but these rains must have made a difference.

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