Sunny Start…but cold of course…But it is December


The Ash are now bare, just skeletons on this sunny December morning.  And that sun makes a very pleasant and welcome change to what has been a very wet and at times windy couple of weeks.

But not all the tree tops are bare which is unusual for December and despite wafting violently in the winds still have a touch of colour to their tops….


Although the sun gave a much needed cheer to the day it was rather bleak and cold on the lakeside….



If it had been warmer I guess there would have been takers for Grahams Bench….as you can see the many feet have overtime, worn away the ground in front of the bench….Overlooked by this rather weather beaten old Oak it is understandably a favourite place for a sit and a gossip.

Sadly Graham is no longer with us but his memory still provokes a good deal of that gossip…


4th December

(C) David Oakes 2015


2 thoughts on “Sunny Start…but cold of course…But it is December

  1. Trees are wonderful beings. In spring, summer and part of autumn rhey wear the most gordious colours and in winter they show their ‘inner’ beauty. I most love the gnarled ones. They show real character. But the real tall ones seem to reach for the sky. The sky is the limit… 🙂 Great photos again, David.

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