After the Storms…Everything is a little Brighter


Long Shadows at Darley Abbey Park, Derby.

Early morning sunshine helps to brighten the dark skies of the day after the weekend storms…. only one lonely dog walker has ventured out early to take advantage of the mornings tranquillity.

The Cricket pavilion is well boarded up…closed till May when the new season will start, its yellow walls still adding some extra cheer to the day.


No Cricket.

7th December

(C) David Oakes 2015



10 thoughts on “After the Storms…Everything is a little Brighter

    • Lush I think we would say…it has been a warm autumn, damp even before the rains and bright so lots of new growth….so until our first frosts arrive it will continue to grow. The grounds men on our local golf course were complaining that they are still mowing the roughs so the annual maintenance work they normally do over the winter months they haven’t been able to start.

      • Some would say that the seasons are changing if the winter is that mild! Though elsewhere I fear the weather has been a trifle too damp.

          • Agree. Just a trifle isn’t enough I am afraid. 🙂 Even very damp is an understatement. Those poor people in Cumbria and elsewhere, where floods make life difficult, or even impossible. I do feel for them. Just heard that the last time it flooded people left their houses to live temporarily elsewhere and then find their houses being burgled. Unimaginable. 😦

  1. I fall in love always with these views… so beautiful. Especially in the first one the autumn colour trees fascinated me. Thank you dear David, have a nice day, love, nia

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