Tough for Rydal and Cumbria…


The Old Boat House, Rydal Water, Cumbria

Rydal like the rest of Cumbria has been hit with several storms of late which have brought floods. So I guess Rydal will not be quite so calm and  tranquil as this image from last December.

Loss of homes and possessions to floods is hard for individuals to overcome at any time…. but approaching Christmas it is extra tough and all the more so for those with children.

11th December

(C) David Oakes 2015


6 thoughts on “Tough for Rydal and Cumbria…

  1. David, I’m glad you clarified that this image was from last year, as I was going to say that, even with destruction, Nature still looks beautiful! I’m sorry about the flooding. I believe it’s been much more extensive and harsher than previously, around a year ago I think it was. I hope you’re okay. Cheers from Downunder!

    • We are fine some distance away.. .In the grand scheme of things the real trauma and damage is in a relatively small area. It is tragic for those involved and you are right that some of these areas were hit hard with floods a few years ago….but this time the rains were even heavier. Adding to the problem those rains returned again just a few days after the clean up had started so it was depressingly back to square one for those hardest hit. Hard to imagine what life is like and where one draws courage and energy to get on with getting life back to normal. But it also brings out the best in others and there have been many volunteers pitching in to help.

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