Storm Brewing….

Storm Brewing Tarn Hows

Another Storm Brewing over Tarn Hows, Cumbria

A shot taken just over a year ago at Tarn Hows above Coniston in the Lake District.  The Silver Birch had already developed the winter red tinge to their branches matching the bracken beneath. A slight ripple had started to appear over the lake and the last of the low afternoon sun was fading as storm clouds headed in from the West….and it did turn wet.

But I guess not as wet as recent weeks that caused much devastation and even with the best will in the world will take some considerable time to repair much of the damage 

18th December

(C) David Oakes 2015



7 thoughts on “Storm Brewing….

  1. Having seen the footage on the BBC News, I was shocked. All the damage caused by the floods. The weatherman explained why Cumbria was so heavily hit by the rain and floods. Still, I wonder whether there is nothing that can be done. Maybe there is, but probably with some heritage buildings and nature being the cost of it. Dykes could be built along the rivers and becks. Not a pretty sight, but they could stop most of the flooding? And at the coast maybe a few extra inlets to prevent the water from gushing in land. It’s just a feeble idea from a Dutch lass knowing no better than to build dykes… Hope I didn’t offend anybody.

    • The volume of water in such a short space of time over stony ground was without precedence and far far worse that the floods a few years ago…..not sure any defences would have mitigated this disaster

  2. The storm cloud seem to intensify the gorgeous autumn colours in this beautiful image, thank you David for posting it.

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