Winter Solstice…..

Havnar Kirkja Faroe

Havnar Kirkja, Torshavn, The Faroes

(The Cathedral of the Faroes)

I guess this simple understated Cathedral at Torshavn on the Faroe Islands will be full at sometime today.  I cannot imagine that the population of Torshavn, so dependant upon the seas and climate, will not let the Winter Solstice pass un-noticed.

No doubt the wooden box pews will be full and the sound from those massive organ pipes competing with the voices of the local congregation.

When we visited the Cathedral refurbishment was just being completed. The wood work glistened, the varnish glowed and those golden stars in the heavenly blue ceiling sparkled just like stars on a crisp clear night.  Despite it simplicity in style there was a warm welcoming ambience…..add a congregation and it might just be the perfect place to mark the passing of the  Winter Solstice.

21st December

(C) David Oakes 2015


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